3 July, 2014

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13 March, 2013

Happy Easter!

Spring has arrived bringing a bouquet of beautiful vernal festivals - the International Women's Day, Mother's Day and of course Easter, celebrated by millions of people.

Easter is a symbol of resurrection, new beginning. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate spring, the rebirth of nature and the return of the sun.

On the occasion of this great occasion, the online watch and jewellery shop invites you to discover the Easter gift ideas for this unforgettable festival filled with warm emotions.

Gold jewelry and gemstones are an ideal choice for this special occasion. Gold jewelry decorated with shiny stones will subtly play with the sunlight creating a gorgeous look.

Enjoy a 15% discount for you entire order* at A wide range of gold, silver, steel, leather jewelery decorated with natural stones are created for every special occasion.

Coupon code: easter15
*For orders over £50
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5 March, 2013

Mother's Day gift ideas

There is a wonderful tradition to give a gift for Mother's Day. Flowers, cards or jewelry could be a perfect gift for your mother or grandmother. A gift is a good way to show your love for the special person. If you do not know what gift to offer on this beautiful occasion, presents you Mother's Day gift ideas. In our jewellery online shop you will find a perfect gift for your Mother.


22 February, 2013

Happy Women‘s Day!


The 8 March – the international Women's Day. This beautiful celebration begins one of the most beautiful seasons of the year - spring. It is a perfect day to celebrate the elegance, femininity, beauty ...

Flowers and gifts are the essential attributes for this occasion.  wish a Happy Women’s Day to all women and offers a discount code of 15%. Be beautiful with the jewels offered by Gembid: gold jewellery, silver jewellery, titanium jewellery, steel jewellery decorated with natural stones.

A beautiful jewellery item may be a memorable gift for your woman. Make a beautiful surprise for your sweetheart, offer her an original jewel - symbol of your love and respect.

Code: Women15

22 November, 2012

Christmas jewellery and watches coupon code


You can already smell the scent of Christmas... You have already started looking for gifts? is here to help you and offer you a great chance to find a gift for this Christmas - an exclusive discount coupon! Get a 15% discount for your entire order at

Do not hesitate to visit our online shop and discover the perfect gift – brilliant, elegant and unique.

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26 October, 2012

Halloween jewellery and watches coupon code 2012

A great chance to save more on jewellery and watches with exclusive Halloween coupon code halloween13. Get a 13.33% discount for you entire order at until 11 November, 2012.

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17 September, 2012

PILGRIM jewellery SALE

Autumn/Winter 2012 season is already here and Gembid meets it with a bunch of amazing discounts. Classy and stylish jewellery is something that is always on trend and that is why this PILGRIM jewellery SALE now goes on stage. The prices of all Pilgrim jewellery is now low as it was never before, so do not miss the chance to acquire jewellery from this fantastic brand.
Cultivated pearl bracelets brownish, white and grey can be worn separately as well as mixed and matched together or with other Pilgrim bracelets.


Romantic look needs romantic accessories. Pilgrim is always there to help you complement your outfit. Hematite plated earrings suits light clothing as well as dark outfit, whether it be a cocktail party or an official reception.

Add some magic to your everyday outfit with a little help from Gembid and Pilgrim. Choose a pair of elegant earrings which can be matched with a light blouse as well as with a comfortable sweater or jacket. It can be either hook, or stud earrings, silver, gold or hematite plated, with pearls or with crystals – the range of choice is wide.


Pilgrim necklaces with nature motives will add a sparkle of wildness and subtle tenderness to your look. Floral patterns and figures are on the runways this AW 2012 season. Be sure to have at least one such piece of jewellery in your jewellery box.


8 August, 2012


It is now the last week of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 going on in London. Great Britain has already 22 Gold medals and 48 medals in total!
Other good news is that those of us who are not as good at sports as our Olympic Golden athletes can still treat ourselves with sweet little pieces of gold. At Gembid we have a wide range of gold jewellery which will add a sparkling taste to every look.
Look around our online shop and find something for yourself or for your loved one. …because we are all worth getting a piece of gold!






25 June, 2012

Gold Summer 2012

We are happy to introduce you to our new collection called Gold Summer 2012, which include a range of gold jewellery.
We already have a wide selection of yellow, white and red gold jewellery as well as gold plated jewellery and watches. However, this new addition to already existing items will give you even better choice.
The Gold Summer 2012 jewellery range features a selection of timeless golden pieces of jewellery created for everyday wear as well as for the evening wear. The range consists of 28 pieces of pendants, earrings and jewellery sets. Most of jewellery items are decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Included in the collection is the dragon-fly pendant decorated with tiny Swarovski crystals. The angel wing earrings and a matching pendant as well as a cute clover leaf pendant with inlaid Swarovski crystals also feature within the range. Those who are searching for an elegant, warm, and lovely gifts, there is tiny love-lock pendant, flying angel pendant and heart shape stud earrings. The mother and child pendant would make a great push present for a new mom.

21 May, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

The Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee is a long awaited celebration in London. The so-called Central Weekend will take place from 2 June to 5 June, 2012. The United Kingdom will commemorate this royal event by a bunch of shows which will be going on during this period. For all of you who are wondering what is the programme of events, head to official website The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:
The Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee is a big celebration for the whole nation of England. The team of Gembid is happy to be able to offer a special range of unique pieces of the Diamond Jubilee jewellery for its customers. The red and blue coloured jewellery items will not only help you to complete your festal look but it will also be a great present to the person you love.
Browse from the range of our earrings, pendants and rings, all either red or blue, and you will definetely find a piece which will complement your look.


19 March, 2012

New collection: Amber Rain Earrings

You can already smell the scent of a real spring in the air. The weather softens and the grass gets greener every day. While waiting for April showers to bring May flowers, make sure you are having a flash of perfect mood and playful weather with you.
We offer you tiny drops of amber rain to decorate your everyday outfit. You will definitely find a colour that will suit your clothing. A mixture of amber and turquoise, amber and pearl or amber and coral will express your vivacious mind.



1 March, 2012

Mothers' day gift ideas

1st of March is the day when we all welcome spring. The days gets longer, and the nights shorter. Longer day means more sunshine, and that is what we were all looking forward to.
With the sunshine outside, we start feeling warmth inside us. And the beginning of this season reminds us of one of the warmest days of Spring – Mother‘s day. This year we will celebrate Mothering Sunday on 18th of March.
This is the day, to really say thanks to our Mums. We have prepared a bunch of Mothers day present ideas to make your mother feel special. The range includes silver earrings, earrings with amethyst, amethyst pendants, amber jewellery, lapis lazuli jewellery and a lot more.
Remembering all the things our mother‘s has done to help and support us over the years we realise that we, in return, should make her a present that would amaze, amuse and inspire them. A piece of eternal classic pearl jewellery is the present that every Mother would appreciate.
However, it’s all not about presents. What counts are our sincerity, gratitude and affection expressed to the people who have always been there for us – to our Mothers.

3 February, 2012

Happy Valentine's day


When was the last time you have told people who you care for how grateful you are for having they besides you? Why is it sometimes so difficult to express one‘s feelings towards our darlings? Well, February is the month of love and there is no better occasion than St. Valentine‘s day to tell what‘s in your heart.
Some people think that Valentines’ day is just another chance for retailers to profit by the occasion. Also, that love confessions should be made not only on this particular day, but instead every day (we agree with that). However, Valentines’ day is not about huge presents or exaggerated attention to someone. It’s about the opportunity to add a flavour of romance to the commonness. It is also a perfect chance for shy people to reveal their love to somebody. So think about taking your darling for a romantic walk or spend some time together with your family. You’ll never be disappointed about the time you spend with the people you love.
If you want to surprise the one you love not only with the secret Valentine’s greeting card, get him or her something that could be of a memento. Some jewellery items that we have here at Gembid perfectly suits this special moment of the year. Take a look around our special love jewellery collection of Cupid gifts and treat your loved one with a piece of jewellery.
It can be eather a silver heart earrings, a gold pendant or a friendship bracelet. Think about the person whom you are going to give the present, and you will see what suits him or her.

24 November, 2011

Exclusive amber beads jewellery
Beads are small pieces of jewellery which are threaded onto the string and made into bracelets or chains. A wide range of materials can be used for the production of these unique jewellery, e.g. silver, gold, stainless steel, natural materials, etc. It is not only very easy to make a beads bracelet or chain, but it will also be customized and it can always be adapted according to the latest fashion trends.
Lately, particularly noteworthy became jewellery made of natural materials. Therefore, beads made from amber should be mentioned separately. Amber is different from the other gemstones, because it has special properties. It is light, it has a great variety of colors and it feels warm to touch. The light that is trapped inside the amber catches every eye.
Exclusive amber beads are like a world‘s fairy tale that has reached our days as the fragments of the castle destroyed thousands of years ago; they warm the soul and free the imagination, they flourish the monotonous daily life with a variety of colors. Amber, which occurs in many colors and in various shades in jewellery are given many magical names. Honey dew is a clear, pale yellow, dull yellow shades of amber, maple syrup describes bright, clear brown amber, while caramel sunsets stands for a dark brown tones of amber beads. There are also amber shades called fresh spring green, ripe cherry, soft pepper dust, etc. Little amber beads for their fabulous looks are sometimes beautifully called little tears of the sun.
Treat your loved ones or yourself with these fabulous exclusive amber beads!
Design your own piece of jewellery and be attractive and unique all the time.


21 September, 2011

Autumn colors in jewellery
When autumn rains begin to wash windows, and the nature changes its clothes, you suddenly realize, that the summer heat, carefree holidays, windless evenings outside by the fire are over. The secret mourning of the past summer then creeps into your soul, and you know – the autumn has come. With vibrant colors of the trees and the morning dew on the sunlit spider webs, with Indian summer and, of course, with autumn-colored collection it invites us to rediscover and enjoy the colorful season.
Autumn jewellery is a bit different – it is all about the rich, heat-radiating colors, innovative materials and massive jewellery accents. The well-chosen pieces of jewellery make the outfit so special. Simple and at the same time such an expressive pieces of jewellery you have ever wanted! Alpinite earrings, coral earrings, bamboo jewellery, smoky quartz pendants, green amber jewellery, onyx earrings, agate pendants, cat eye jewellery – a perfect mix of all the beautiful autumn colors and jewellery dreams.
Recover from the pleasant hikes through the autumn with a cup of hot tea while sitting at the PC and visiting Take a tour through the wonderful world of jewellery!

15 September, 2011

Boccia Titanium watches – optimal skin compatibility, mechanical reliability and unique design.
Titan is one of the biocompatible elements which in jewellery production are used more frequently. This totally non-allergic and skin friendly is a miracle metal of the technological age.
Boccia Titanium watches are practical pieces of jewellery. There are Boccia Titanium watches for men as well as for women, there are also unisex models available. The Boccia watch straps are made of single color or multi-colored metal, leather or plastic. The exceptional quality of the Boccia Titanium watches speaks for themselves: particularly accurate quartz movement, unique look, casing made from allergy-free pure titanium, and mechanical reliability.
Boccia Titanium watches – for your punctuality and stylish appearance! A wide selection of Ladies Boccia Titanium watches are now in our online shop!

8 September, 2011

Black onyx – magical elegance!
Onyx – probably the most popular stone among the jewellery lovers. The most popular black onyx jewellery adds exclusivity to every single exterior. A unique shape and elegant sheen make every onyx jewellery a unique work of art.
The lush, magical-looking, silky color of black onyx is particularly often in onyx jewellery: onyx earrings, onyx pendants, rings with onyx, onyx pampels and onyx stones in a different finish. All of these products are now found in our online shop. Onyx jewellery – for every occasion and taste!

1 September, 2011

Tungsten jewellery – a piece of eternity.
Have you ever held a piece of eternity in your hands? Take it now! Tungsten jewellery gives you an excellent opportunity to transform your dreams into reality.
Tungsten distinguishes by its extreme hardness: it is seven times harder than stainless steel, four times than titanium and thus corresponds to the hardness of diamonds. Polished tungsten shines like a mirror and accordingly, it is similar to a gemstone. Tungsten jewellery is resistant to corrosion, does not lose its color, is hypoallergenic and completely preserves original appearance forever. In jewellery tungsten is usually used for production of rings, which are intended for both man and woman. Tungsten jewellery is especially popular and loved by fashion jewellers. Because of their precious appearance and low price tungsten rings are gaining popularity among brides and grooms, and are increasingly used as wedding rings. Due to its extreme hardness, this material is scratches resistant, therefore, tungsten rings are regarded as everlasting jewellery – an allusion to eternity is important here since the man had always strived for this in his thoughts. Tungsten rings are now in our online shop!

25 August, 2011

Ernstes Design jewellery – an exceptional stainless steel jewellery of a high-quality craftsmanship.
A seriously designed jewellery created by the designer Andreas Ernstes, Ernstes Design jewellery, is cool, elegant and timeless. The jewellery manufactured from a surgical stainless steel and combined uniquely with diamonds or pearls as a whole is a complete, indivisible and a perfect match.  No matter what it would be, a chain, pendant, ring or earrings, all of these jewellery pieces have a clear structure and a modern design. This timeless jewellery always underlines the rather particular interior decor style of the wearer, is subtle and elegant.
Absolute compatibility with skin, high-quality craftsmanship, use of precious materials and affordable prices – all this suggests that the Ernstes Design is growing in popularity.
Visit our online shop and find na unique jewellery that suits your style in our Ernstes Design jewellery collection!

15 August, 2011

New Pilgrim Jewellery collection!
Pilgrim Jewellery – the natural beauty and a wonderful dream of nature, a secret hovering in the air, the gentle swirl of light flowers…
Pilgrim jewellery will bring the natural beauty in every woman wearing it. Each piece of the Pilgrim Jewellery is a piece of art and it is now in our online shop: flower necklace, circle earrings, feather earrings, filigree flower earrings, chains with ginkgo leaves or flower pendants, chains with feather pendants, etc.
Pilgrim jewellery – jewellery from a leading brand for you!

1 August, 2011

Citrine – for vitality and good mood!
The citrine – one of the few yellow gems, the color of which can vary from lemon yellow to reddish brown. Beautifully colored, translucent citrine can be used as a ring stone as well as a pendant. The translucent stone is made into chains or artificial objects. This gemstone used to be confused with the citrine topaz, hence the term “topaz quartz” was created. Many people know and love citrine gemstone under the name of gold topaz or Madeira or Spanish topaz. Natural citrine is predominantly characterized by pale yellow color. The synthetic citrine is dark yellow to reddish brown. Natural-colored citrine is rare. The citrine gives vitality, energy and zest for life. The delicate lemon yellow goes well with the warm spring type of outfit. The bright color of citrine can also be found in our online jewellery shop: citrine pendants, citrine earrings, citrine and smoky quartz earrings.

14 July, 2011

Color trend 2011 – GREEN.
The same is true for the jewellery! The finest green accent makes every appearance more attractive. Green fashion jewellery looks natural, fresh and blooming – so light and lifted as the spring. Green earrings or bracelets are an indispensable element of your appearance in the spring/summer 2011.
The color trend of spring 2011 is particularly well represented by the Caribbean amber. This trend of progressively green amber comes to Europe from Asia, United States and Japan. The delicate green stands for nature, spring, Renaissance. A native of the Caribbean Sea, green amber jewellery gives fashion jewellery originality, and modernity connects the ancient with the present. Green Caribbean amber – a music for the soul, tears of the sun, a popular antique and modern jewellery pieces for everyone. It can now be found in our online shop. The green amber earrings, green amber bracelets, green amber  necklaces and rings with green amber – all of these jewellery pieces can now be found in our jewellery online shop!

1 July, 2011

Cat‘s eye jewellery – “predatory” animal spirits of the sweet cuddle!
The cat eye jewellery is subtle, soft and appealing. The most common colors of the cat‘s eye quartz are blue, green, yellow, brown. A wide selection of jewellery with this gemstone offers a wide range of choices for jewellery lovers. Cat‘s eye rings, pendants with cat‘s eye, cat‘s eye earrings, pendant charms with cat‘s eye give you an exclusive look and “predatory” animal spirit of the sweet cuddle! With a cozy, velvety sheen of the cat‘s eye jewellery you are surrounded by the freedom and magic of the predator.

15 June, 2011

BASTIAN – beauty, everlastingness, emotions.
Bastian – a traditional manufacturer of contemporary silver jewellery. The Bremen-based company that is proud of its “Made in Germany” label. The proven quality and affordable price of Bastian’s jewellery make them particularly popular. Beauty, everlastingness and emotions – the basic Bastian jewellery ideas: find the latest Bastian jewellery collection in our online shop.

1 June, 2011

Jewellery online auction – our hottest web page news!
Something new is added to our online shop: we are introducing a jewellery auction to our customers! Our jewellery range is presented to you from a new perspective; from this day forward, you can select different pieces of jewellery in price fall auction. Now you have an opportunity to influence the price of the desired product. In the price fall auction, you can buy a piece of jewellery for a low price. The goods for the auction are accidentally selected to represent our product line and to meet the tastes of all our customers. Take the opportunity to give you a treat by playing online! For more information, please refer to our website’s section “Buying and bidding.”