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Chemical formulae:

Al2Be3[Si6O18], addition of Cr3+ and V ions

Crystal system:


Crystal class:



Dark to light green

Color of a streak:  


Moh‘s hardness: 

7,5 - 8


2,60 - 2,80 g/cm3


Transparent to translucent









Origin/ formation: 

By tertiary metamorphism in beryllium and chromium-containing stones or synthetic in metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and mineral soap in river sediments or in pegmatite veins, especially in granites


South America, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, Austria, Italy, Norway, Columbia, Zimbabwe

Other varieties:

Emerald cat‘s eye
Trapiche emerald
Colombian emerald
Muzo colombian emerald
Coscuez colombian emerald
Chivor colombian emerald
Brazilian emerald
Russian emerald
Zimbabwian emerald

Origin of the name:
The origin of the word emerald comes from the Old French word esmeraude, from Latin smaragdus, from Greek smaragdos, meaning “green, green” (emerald, malachite).

Because of its intensive “green shades” the emerald in many cultures was the symbol of eternal spring, immortality and personal development. It is believed that an emerald has a power to sharpen wit and to soothe the soul. It was proven that an emerald is not a cure for physical and mental problems. However, people still use it for these purposes.
The ancient Romans associated the emerald with fertility and rebirth. This gemstone was dedicated to Venus, who was their goddess of love and beauty.
In many legends emeralds were referred to as the stones of power and diplomacy.

The history of Egyptian emeralds dates back to 4000 BC. The Egyptians used to engrave emeralds with deciduous trees symbolizing eternal youth. For a long time Egypt was the main source of emeralds and not until the 16th century, when the Spanish Conquistadores arrived in South America. The located emerald mine in Muzo, near Columbia and discovered emeralds of breathtaking size and beauty. The Egyptian monopoly on the world supply of emeralds was over. The Spaniards seized the mine, enslaved the local people and started shipping the fine emeralds to Europe and Middle East. Delicately sculpted emeralds were already in the jewellery collections of the Ottoman Turks, the Persian Shahs and even the royalty of India.

Emeralds symbolize youth, hope and regeneration. These gemstones protects home, brings love, wealth, luck, fortune, promotes wellbeing, honour. Emeralds help to reveal the truth and forgotten information, improves communication, heals emotional wounds, protects from an evil eye. Emerald gemstone is one of the best cures for heart diseases, provides vitality. This gem can also calm allergies, eczemas, rheumatism, hormone disorder.

Colombian emerald
Colombian emeralds are known for their clear green color and extremely high quality. There are three historically important deposits of emeralds in Colombia.

Muzo Colombian emerald
This emerald is named after its mining site, the Muzo district in Colombia. These emerald mines are considered some of the finest Emerald mines in the world.

Coscuez Colombian emerald
These emerald crystals represent a wider range of color. However they also contain many inclusions.

Chivor Colombian emerald
These emeralds are best known for their blue tinge. They also contain inclusions. Chivor Colombian emeralds are brighter than the Muzo or Coscuez emeralds.

Brazilian emerald
These emeralds are known for their color variety from light green to dark-blue green. These emeralds were found in Brazil in 1963.

Russian emerald
The Russian emerald was found near Ekaterinbug in roots of a fallen tree by the forest worker Maxim Stefanovitch Kozhevnikov in 23rd of January, 1831. In the 19th century Russian emeralds were the “property of the Russian crown” and although mined continuously since 1832 these gems were not commercially exploited. During the period of 1898-1916, the “New Emerald Company” exported over 40 million cts of Russian emeralds.

Zambian emerald
The quality of these emeralds is very high. These gems are easy to love and worth seeking out for their deep tones, clarity and generally lower prices.


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