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Chalcedony quartz: SiO2

Crystal system: 


Crystal class:   Trigonal-trapezohedral
Color: Black and white
Color of a streak:   Depends on the stone color
Moh‘s hardness: 


Density:   2,65 g/cm³
Transparency:   Translucent to opaque




Radioactivity:  Non-radioactive



In dense, fibrous or stalactite aggregates, as well as in lump, column and almond fillings of rock


Brazil, India, Madagascar and Uruguay

Other varieties:

Sardonyx (reddish brown)

Onyx marble (yellow, brown, green)

Origin of the name:
The name onyx derives from the Latin word unguis which means “a claw, nail.” The color of the mineral sometimes resembles that of a fingernail, pink with white streaks.

According to the Roman legend, the goddess Venus was resting by the Indus River, while Cupid was clipping Venus' fingernails. The clippings fell into the river, creating onyx. Onyx has its place in mythology also. In Middle East, this stone is associated with the lives and ways of the sorcerers. In India, people believe that this stone calms the adors of love. In Rome, it is associated with courage. Onyx is often prescribed as a healing agent for old emotional wounds and moving ahead by forgetting the past experiences of bad relationships. Onyx proves to be very helpful in increasing the level of concentration and calming down the mind in the chaotic situations of life. This stone is regarded as a helpful tool for growing fingernails, hair and skin.

The Romans believed that because of its consecutive layers of different colors, onyx is an excellent cameo gemstone. Onyx is associated with intuition and instincts and is believed to give the power to deeply analyze a situation before reacting to it. Wearing onyx will ensure a better business acumen and management skills. Sardonyx, which is a variant of onyx characterized by the colored bands which are sard rather than black, was highly valued in Rome.

Onyx jewellery
Onyx is probably the most popular stone among jewellery lovers. Black onyx which is the most popular fits not only in jewellery but also in every exterior. A unique shape and elegant sheen make every onyx jewellery a unique work of art. The lush, magical-looking silky color of black onyx is particularly often in jewellery. Visit our online shop where you will find onyx earrings, onyx pendant, ring with onyx. Onyx jewellery – for every taste and for every occassion.


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